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I got the toonboom trial :y

2015-10-30 13:01:29 by BeamShank

I wanna make a short before the 3 weeks is up but it's all fockin' greek 2 me



Who's still around?

2015-04-04 18:50:14 by BeamShank

Hey peepz, I figured I'd hop back on ol' NG

I'll be trying to post art on here again and maybe even do some anIMATING

Sorry to anyone who knew me when i was 16/17 lol

here's something i drew in 5 minutesĀ 

gimme a shout!


I have a tablet again WOAH

2013-03-04 16:11:02 by BeamShank

Drawing shit can finally resume.
I broke it in with some p3p fanart

I only post things that I'm proud of here, but I sketch a ton of shit constantly over on my tumblr if you're interested in that.

I'm way outta the loop with NewGrounds I'm so sorry.
I don't even know who's cool here anymore, but I think YOU'RE cool so let's be buds.

Maybe I'll start animating again who knows???????

Have a doodle of Aigis because she's my favourite.

I have a tablet again WOAH

I still don't really exist

2013-01-27 21:43:05 by BeamShank

But maybe not forever!

EDIT: Tom changed my name to BeamShank and I didn't even need to ask.
Thank u tom i love u

My tablet broke a while ago but I'm getting a new one soon.
For the past long while I've been focusing on improving my art skills so I haven't been animatin'.
However, I'm feelin' the itch to animate junk again, so get stoked!

I'm still RadWalrus on NG but everywhere else my name is "BeamShank".

If you like me, follow me on Twitter or dA or tumblr because they see the most use outta me.

Add me on Skype, even!
We could be friends.

Skype: radwalrus

I still don't really exist

Guaranteed sexy babes!!

2012-04-29 17:36:54 by BeamShank

Yo, NG kids, Just checking in.

That comic I'm doing has finally started, check it.
I wanna take another pass on that page and fix the backgrounds when I have some free time, but I'm already having some punctuality issues, so it can wait.

I'm doing a bit of a balancing act right now, with a bunch of projects, so hopefully some good comes of that; something you guys can look at.

Anyway, I've been using my Twitter more, so you can count on me filling you in on shit when there's nobody else to flap my gums at.

I also got my hair cut, LADIES.

Happy Birthday, Tom?

Alright, later! Don't be afraid to hound me to get stuff done quicker!

Guaranteed sexy babes!!

Stop it.
That word is a gift, and only dumb loser nerds give themselves gifts.
That was bugging me, BYE.

Web comic soon???

Refering To Yourself As An Artist...

I was a bot the whole time!

2011-12-05 17:15:44 by BeamShank

Guys, check out this really fucking stupid animation I made.

And then here it is on youtube, because I went to so much trouble drawing in an HD stage size, but my computer couldn't handle exporting that big, so I guess I didn't even really need to mention that. Oops!

Anyway, I plan to make something better, and this animation I just made is me procrastinating from doing so. Maybe I can get cracking on it tonight!


anyway, here's a random image from my hard-drive.

I was a bot the whole time!

Open Letter to Thundaboom

2011-11-06 01:21:54 by BeamShank

Thundaboom, it was pretty disconcerting when you started asking me about 10JD on dA with an alt.
Then, after I blocked you, you started being all annoying on my news posts.
Then, I wrote a long thing about how I don't like you (that was the first time I took ritalin, so I don't really feel that passionate about the whole subject), and then you went on twitter to flap your gums about how you're such a super sweet trollman.

You can read my wall of text on my last news-post if you want.

I dunno, you're rude, and you creep me out.
Anyway, a little birdy told me that your own friends don't even like you.

But yeah, someone told me to make this, so here it is.
So, rather than end this with dumb stuff, let's talk about things we like!

Hey, you dirty disgusting animals!
I'm seventeen now.
The older I get, the less impressive I am!
Um. Draw me something. And. I'll. Kiss. You. On. The. Lips.

Sorry, NewGrounds.

2011-09-04 21:58:24 by BeamShank

What up u queerz.
Honestly, when have I ever been active on this site?
I animate at turtle-speed, and I easily lose interest in projects.
I'm a different person than I was last month, as with the month before that, and so on.
It's been the same my whole life.
Something I thought was cool before, is totally retarded, pointless, and stupid, almost instantly.
This makes animating long projects painful, and unfulfilling.

Ever since 2005 when I decided that I wanted to draw for the rest of my life, my main goal
was to make the front-page of NewGrounds. I'm pretty sure it was just because I wanted
to be popular, but I've seen more than a few people mirroring the art styles of popular
animators like, EddsWorld, for example. The thing is, I'm not happy here anymore.
Now, I really just don't care about being pseudo-pseudo famous. I'll never have fun

What's important to me now, is my art. The multiple universes I've Accidentally created. Having fun.
Now, this is the main point of my post; NewGrounds and I aren't as good of friends as we used to be.
-The community has degenerated into a "YouTube" for animation.
-90% of the reviews on this site are retarded, and are paired with meaningless scores, that only give the reviewer are bizarre sense of power.
-The voting system is wack. People only give 5's or 0's, and people go out of their way, to bring down other people's score, so they can have a chance at a pixelated trophy. Why not just make blam/save buttons? Not only that, but I've seen how ridiculously easily the system can be manipulated.
-I don't even look at the front page animations anymore. With newgrounds having such a small staff, the animations that make the front page can't help but fit their taste. This propagates newer animators to mimic whatever's popular. What up, Edd?
-The art portal is a ghost town. Once again, the front-page'd art submissions all look/feel the same. I don't even bother with posting any of my art here anymore. Before, all of my art was made for the art portal. However, nothing ever gets any attention. This was always a disappointment, and caused me to draw still-art practically never, which has probably inhibited my drawing skills, to be honest.
-There's no notification system. How the EFF am I supposed to know when that dope animator I like has made something new? Also, checking to see if your submissions have gotten any reviews is extremely tedious.
-I had to PM Tom when I accidentally took daily fifth place, from something that DIDN'T suck, so he could put it on the front-page. How many great animations are slipping under the radar?

I know a lot of you HAAAAATE DeviantArt, because it's where weaboo's hang out, but I'm not sure that you're really looking at the crowd you're hanging out with at the moment.
Since joining DeviantArt, my art production has infinitely multiplied, I've made some amazing friends, and art is fun, for probably the first time in my life. I know it's asscociated with weaboo emo chicks, but that's not how the community works. With newgrounds, there are probably like, what? 10-20 thousand people here? Since that's a pretty small number, coupled with the fact that this site is pretty much a culmination of people that all have the same taste, you actually willencounter the same type of person forever. On DeviantArt, the community is large enough, that you generally attract the audience that you want. You'll only attract weaboos if you draw cliche anime/manga bullshit. If you're cool, you'll attract more cool people.

So, anyway, if you want to grow with me, you can find me over here.
If you like me enough to stick with me, I'm sure we can be good friends.

I'm not quitting newgrounds, or anything, I'll still be about as active as always.
I'll post flashes here when I make them, and I'll be making what I want to make.
It's sad that NewGrounds and I couldn't be closer, but I'm a different guy, now.

I hope you little kids can grow up to make functioning adults, because I'm legitimately worried about it.

Sorry, NewGrounds.