I still don't really exist

2013-01-27 21:43:05 by BeamShank

But maybe not forever!

EDIT: Tom changed my name to BeamShank and I didn't even need to ask.
Thank u tom i love u

My tablet broke a while ago but I'm getting a new one soon.
For the past long while I've been focusing on improving my art skills so I haven't been animatin'.
However, I'm feelin' the itch to animate junk again, so get stoked!

I'm still RadWalrus on NG but everywhere else my name is "BeamShank".

If you like me, follow me on Twitter or dA or tumblr because they see the most use outta me.

Add me on Skype, even!
We could be friends.

Skype: radwalrus

I still don't really exist


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2013-01-27 23:06:56

I am now in the process of stoking.

BeamShank responds:

o L